Phylis Cormier united states truck driving school

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She is a shining star at this facility., she deserves a better employer she continues to help me to obtain employment, she has my respect which for what its worth is hard to get from myself. I Know she always does her best for every student at this facility, she is still assisting me even thow i posted a negetive review about a former coworker at her facility

If i owned a company and i needed some one like her i would hire her with no hesetation, i hope we will continue to be friends in the future thank you phylis!

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United states truck driving school rialto ca location

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ustds are liars! i went to them in march 2009 to see if i would qualify to be trained as a commercial truck driver,i am a felon i told there representative paul larocca the exact nature of my felony (attempted murder) he said and i quote (that should not be a problem) well, it is a big problem as a matter of fact any felony that is lees then five years old from the date of release from supervision will prevent you from working for the top ten companies misdemeanors are bad also they took my Edd ed moneys with no regard for my life or my family's now i cant get a job and i am stuck with a licence i cant use

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